Fish Cakes with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Here's what you need:
Pan cooked cod or another flaky white fish
handful of cheese
1 beaten egg
flour or bread crumbs (estimate)
chopped vidalia onion
splash of worsteshire and tobasco
3 tbsp parsley
salt & pepper
clove of fresh garlic
Portugese muffins (sweet and delish) - even crumbled some into the batter
I think this is everything but I'm having a hard time remembering exactly what I put in them, this should be pretty good though...
Mix all of the above ingredients together until it forms a batter. Then drop the batter onto a heated pan with olive oil and cook until golden.

The tartar sauce is so simple and makes them sooo good.
I've recently discovered Wickles Relish at my neighborhood gourmet market and it's the best!
All you need is Mayo, relish, lemon juice and a little salt and pepper to taste. Then glob it on your fish cake, smack it between your Portugese buns, add lettuce & tomato and voila!

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