Freemans, Abe & Arthur's and ABC Kitchen

I had dinner at Freemans last night, finally! I've been wanting to try for years and finally went. We had shrimp fried in a sweet cornmeal and muscles to start, I had the trout as my main, and the brussels sprouts and mac n' cheese as our sides. I must say the mac n' cheese was my favorite part of the meal. Ah-mazing. The atmosphere is rustic and cozy, the food is great, but if you don't get there before 7 plan on waiting a while for a table.
I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I was watching Bethenny Getting Married a while ago and saw her and a friend delving into something decadent at Abe & Arthurs. I knew immediately I had to go. We went with some friends this past Tuesday night and none of us were disappointed. The atmosphere is tres trendy (expected nothing less) and so is the crowd (models galore). It was a great evening - I highly recommend the grilled octopus, the parmesan truffle fries and french toast bread pudding.
4.5 stars.

There was a lot of hype around ABC Kitchen so we went last Friday night for a date night. The atmosphere was beautiful, as to be expected from anything ABC but I was a little disappointed in the food. The pretzel dusted calamari was awesome, but that was about it.
3 stars.

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